Fundraising Bricks pavers Perth

Recently we received several enquiries here in Perth regarding the fundraising engraved paving stones or bricks.

A school is installing a new playground and  looking at ideas to help fund the project.  Potentially looking  at a sponsored footpath with engraved pavers.Another primary school is going to celebrate their 50th anniversary and  interested in having engraved pavers or stones as a commmemorative feature at the school. All great ideas! yes, a path with foudraising pavers is a special path for someone’s FUTURE!

Engraved Bricks are the most ecnomic way as bricks are much cheaper than stone,it can be in red or creamy colour.The advantage of  stone is,stone  has bigger slabs where  a company’s logo can be engraved on it ,also stone pavers or cladding are  rich in colour.

we are happy to offer any assistance and offer free samples.

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