Here are some of the comments from my current clients:

Dear Mike :

The wonderful plaques have arrived safely. They were very well packed and they are all I could have hoped for. Excellent work and you have my heartfelt thanks. Will send you a photo when they are installed on the headstone but that will be several weeks in the future, when hopefully the weather is more conducive to working outside. Lots of frosts at the moment. Will let you know progress. Thank you for a job well done. Kindest regards.


Hi Mike ,

Thank you very much . We are amazed on how well you have done . You and your team


The workmanship is incredible ! The service is out of this world ! And shipping arrived fast.

We have many words of Praise and we could have not ask for any thing better !

We thank you!


Thank U ! you truly go the extra mile . We could not believe how GOOD it came out !

The best shopping service ! Many Thanks …..

Oh Mike – they are absolutely incredible!!! I could not have asked for anything better!

I am absolutely humbled and am about to cry with happiness- they are so perfect!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

My husband just saw them and he is equally impressed – He says “WOW!”

You are truly talented.

I will immediately credit my PayPal account with the funds necessary to pay you.

I will contact you as soon as the funds are ready.

I certainly will have a great weekend.

Warmest regards,


Hi Mike,

There was no need for me to contact UPS as the plaques were delivered today.

They are beautiful!!!!!

The wrapping was so well done and thick, that I don’t think anything could have broken.

I am extremely impressed with them and I am extremely impressed with you too.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jenny(One very happy customer)

Dear Mike


I have received the stone and it is lovely. You were right, DHL does not deliver to a Post Box.


I like to thank you for all you special excellent service, it made things so much easier.

I have marked you as my favorite seller and I will certainly contact you if I require something again.

Please keep up your special service, it is rare.


Mike I have one last question, do you think the Stone would be ok out in the weather,

(I like to put it at the grave) or rather not? I would appreciate you letting me know.


Thank you again


Hi Mike

Thank you so much for your patience, I have just paid via paypal with my credit

card and the transaction number is

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #76T08228CE0807***)

Thank you so very very much for all of your help, your service has been fantastic






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