About Stone Engraving

Hand Crafted Stone Engraving

At Stone Engraving, we’re experts when it comes to creating one of a kind, hand-crafted stone engraved plaques and memorials in Perth. Our wide range of stone engraved products, range from memorial plaques for pets and people, to property plaques, fundraising pavers and house signs.

All of our memorial plaques are engraved by hand, using only the highest quality natural stone. Our engravings are designed to last long periods of time and survive in any climate and weather condition without deteriorating.

From small plaques to larger stones, if you require a shape outside of our standard dimensions, we’d be more than happy to work with you in designing your custom.

Contact us today if you have any special requests or ideas and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss these further.

What Makes Us Different?

Here at Stone Engraving, we offer more than just memorial plaques and memorial stones. We have built our business with a sole focus on providing care, understanding and compassion. The grieving process that follows the passing of a furry friend or loved one, is difficult. We believe that celebrating the life and love you shared is a great way to lovingly honour their memory.

Commemorate the memory of a loved one with a hand engraved plaque. We take great pride in offering ‘old fashioned service’ with hand engraved memorial stones and plaques. We go to great lengths to provide exceptional service to ensure you receive the memorial plaque you are after. Using 100% natural stone, our memorial plaques are designed to last a lifetime. We take the time to liaise with you to ensure that your custom designed memorial plaques or memorial stones honour the memory of your loved one.

Having had many years of experience producing photo engraving on stone, fundraising pavers and memorial plaques for people and pets, we are very aware of the sensitivity surrounding this very delicate & important subject and the need to get things right.