Brick Order System

We  launch the brick ordering system (Donor Website) which make it a lot  easier for schools/organisations  to manage their brick orders, less paper work, less room for error,save time .

How does it work:

(1)We will design and set up your donor website for free (we will send you a donor website order form).

(2)You can promote your donor website through emails ,social media etc. We can also promote your Donor Site through various social media channels.

(3)Your donor place the order on your donor website, the payment( donations) will go directly to your school/organisation. We “Stone Engraving”do not collect your donors’ money.

(4)Your Donor will receive an order-confirmation email once order is placed successfully. (Your donor will receive the Payment options of  your school/organisation in the order-confirmation email)

(5) We can also export a spreadsheet with all the order details  for school use. (The updatged speadsheet will be sent to school weekly or fornightly,or upon request)

(6)We will not start engraving until we receive the approval from school/organisation.

(7)  Please click “Laser Engraving Brick “ to see how we engrave red clay bricks.

You can see how it works by placing order on this sample webpage  :


How to contact us:


(2)If you enquire from New South Wales,our local representative in Sydney will look after your needs:



Thanks for your business!


School webpages below please :

Gooseberry Hill Primary School:

Gooseberry Hill PS


Sacred Heart Primary School:

Sacred Heart Primary School

Kelmscott Primary School:

Kelmscott Primary School

Cunderdin District High School


Glendale Primary School:  (Fundraising campaign closed temporarily)

Glendale Primary School