Give thanks!

Give thanks!

Our church Pastor ask me to engrave a stone plaque to give thanks to the church in Watelle Grove which we leased during the past two years.

The following verse will be engraved on a black granite plaque with a praying hand:

“Continue in Prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving.
Colossians 4:2”

I am happy that I can do something helpful for our church .

From first Sunday of this Sep, we will continue our meeting in the new Church in Como, very excited.

History Being Engraved on Marble Plaques

As we will move from Wattle Grove Baptist Church soon, I take some photos of this church in order to keep a good memories and also found some info about this church and its history:

The church was started to build in 1938 after Mr.Max Wells and his family bought a property on Gavour Road in 1933 (Church service were held in the little hall of this property at the beginning). Many volunteers contribute to build this church, they even made the cement bricks by themselves.

Being interrupted by the way, but the activity resumed in 1946, thanks to the hardworking volunteers and family of Mr.Max. Well, the church was opened in 1947 to the glory of God.

Today, we can see the two engraved stone plaques on the exterior wall of the building, they are white marble plaques with the following engraved words on it and the words were painted in black:

On one marble plaque, it was engraved:

To the Glory of God,
ON 29TH APRIL 1939

On another marble plaque:

To the Glory of God

Thanks, Wattle Grove Baptist Church, May you be blessed!

Stainless Steel House Signs

Many clients have been asking us whether we can make stainless steel house signs, we told that we mainly engrave on stone material, like granite, marble, river stones, we did not think about engraved words or patterns on other material.

But we notice that people like the colour of stainless steel and it looks really nice and modern for stainless steel house plaque hang on the wall in front of the house, which also add value to the house, isn’t it? Gradually, we feel that we may try to do it, as our engraving machine is very powerful and can engrave on stainless steel without any difficulty, The only problem is, we are not able to cut the stainless steel at the moment, we can only engrave on it.

Memorial Plaques for People

A client visited our showroom yesterday and interested in a memorial plaque for her uncle, with words and photo being engraved on granite plaque.

She once had a plaque with photo being painted on it (I do not know how the photo was painted), but the photo disappeared gradually as it is not weather proof. For people memorial plaque, I suggest that photo being engraved by laser or by hand is the better solution, no colour added, it can last quite a long time. The advantage of laser engraving is, the photo being engraved can be very fine, the disadvantage is, it is shallow. The people memorial we offer is handmade engraving, it is not as fine as laser engraving, but it is a handicraft indeed.

Fundraising Brick Pavers Perth

Recently we received several enquiries here in Perth regarding the fundraising engraved paving stones or bricks.

A school is installing a new playground and looking at ideas to help fund the project. Potentially looking at a sponsored footpath with engraved pavers.Another primary school is going to celebrate their 50th anniversary and interested in having engraved pavers or stones as a commmemorative feature at the school. All great ideas! Yes, a path with fundraising pavers is a special path for someone’s FUTURE!

Engraved Bricks are the most economic way as bricks are much cheaper than stone, it can be in red or creamy colour. The advantage of stone is, stone has bigger slabs where a company’s logo can be engraved on it, also stone pavers or cladding are rich in colour.

We are happy to offer any assistance and offer free samples.

Our Stall in Perth Fair

Great to have several stalls in the following Fair!

  1. Kwinana Festival Fair
    Time: 1200PM to 0600PM,25th,Oct
    Venue: Kwinana Town Centre
  2. Mosman Park Crafts Fair
    Time:1000AM to 0400PM,9th,Nov
    Venue: Mosman Park Men’s Shed
  3. Hyde Park Fair
    Time:1st Mar,2nd Mar,2015
    Venue:Hyde Park
    Site No:021
  4. Willetton Community Fair
    Venue: Cnr Pinetree Gully Rd & Burrendah Blvd Willetton

As always, we will display our pet memorial plaques and house name signs, fundraising bricks, also we will display some amazing new products, do not miss it!

Material Used for Pet Memorial Plaques

We use natural black granite or natural river stones for Pet memorial plaques or Pet memorial stones, as these material are from the natural and weather proof, that is why they can last for decades.

Although there are some other material (like stainless stell, wood, artifical stone, resin) which also looks nice,we do not choose them just because we like the natural character of stone. When you place the stone plaques or river stones in your garden, it does make you feel good. We hope that our memorial plaques or memorial stones can do something helpful for your precious memories…

Start to Engrave Slate House Signs!

Our new shipment of slate tiles coming in this week and we start to engrave on slate tiles, slate is mainly composed of the minerals quartz and muscovite or illite.

Slate has a natural appearance and can be used for wall cladding or flooring, which looks very natural.

The slate house numbers or slate house signs will definitely give your home an authentic look, which will be very attractive!

We not only offer our service in Perth, but we also post to other States.

Engraving Fundrasing Pavers During School Holiday

We are a little bit busy during the school holiday this summer as we need to engrave more than 140 fundraising pavers for Banksia primary school.

We are honoured to do this project thanks to Kate’s Trust, and looking forward to service more schools in Perth area with our fundraising pavers.

Hope to take some photos after they are laid this month before the new school year starts.

Custom Made Headstone Perth

We start to offer custom-made headstones, gravestones, Chapels, Monuments, especially for Chinese community in Perth, we can design in Chinese character.

Many different types of headstone can be offered, also with different material: Absolute Black granite, Blue Pear, Blue Vizag, Black galaxy, Balmoral Red, Midnight Blue, etc.

Individually designed headstone also can be done.