Pet Memorial Stones


Natural river stone : size from 10cm to 35cm. 

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Our animal companions usually play a bigger role in our lives than just a simple pet and more than often assume the position of our best friend. It’s no surprise that when they’re gone, we often feel a bit lost and lonely without them near. Here at Stone Engraving, our pet memorial stones allow you to create a monument for your absent friend, so even though they’re gone, you’ll always have a keepsake to remember them by.

Stone Engraving memorial stones look great in the garden, whether that be in the front yard, ready to greet all your guests or in the back garden or placed by their favourite sunbaking spot. These beautiful stones will fit any garden or patio, as they’re tastefully designed and made to suit every setting.

Custom design your stone
Our beautiful pet memorial stones can be custom designed to reflect the character of your pet. Our team strive to make the designing process of your memorial stones as hassle free as possible; all you need to do is pick the style and size of your stone, let us know what message you would like engraved on it and whether you’d like any accompanying artwork (e.g. paw print). Popular engravings include the pet’s name, age and a message that represents the pet’s personality.

Size options
All of our pet memorial stones are engraved into natural river stone and can come in a large range of sizes.

Lead time

  • Usually, it will be posted within one week, we do not charge extra for rush jobs, we will try our best if we can meet your requirements.

Memorial stones allow you to pay tribute to your furry family member every time you’re in the garden. Contact us today, to discuss how we can help keep their memory alive.