Sandstone Memorial Plaque


Natural Sandstone engraving

Additional fees  apply for additonal letters and graphics.


Please refer to allocated letter limit based on sizing requirements

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Our memorial plaques are designed to bring remembrance to graves, and create a place where your loved one can be remembered and their life celebrated. Stone Engraving plaques are fully customisable and can be personalized with titled, dates, messages and artwork.

Stone Engraving plaques are designed specifically for graves and aim to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. All the memorial plaques we make for graves are specially designed for outdoor use, and come with a protective coating to ensure they can withstand any weather condition and retain their ‘like new’ look for years to come.

Our plaques for graves can be custom designed, and tailored to suit any budget or requirements. They come in a large range of sizes and different stone types; simply select your size and choose between premium, polished or natural stone.