Engraved stone signs for Japanese Restraurant

Finally,I finished a job for a Japanese Restaurant called Edosei ,it is on the corner of Hay Street and Barrack Steet in Perth,close to Macdonal’s. It is a large stone signs,220cm high and 90cm wide,but the engraved words are only 33mm high .

Thanks Lauren  for your trust and placing this order,although I feel very stressed when doing this job,It is more  difficult than I expected. The big problem I faced is, the  stone slab is not polished, it is flamed and brushed finish, and the stencil are not able to stick well on ths slab. I was afraid of damaging the slab due to the high air-pressure (more than 100psi) when sandblasting the stencil, and slab could be damaged within less one second if stencil not stick well. I tried several ways,failed…..,also thinking of some filler,but filler may change the colour of the stone… It seems that I have no way out,I kneeled down and prayed:” God,please give me wisdome to finish this job without damaging the slab “. I kept trying ,and suddenly found that new problem comes– the sandblaster does not work now.”God ,are  you here to help?” With the help of the sandblaster technician,it works again. When I removed the stencil,I found that some letters are not engraved deeply enough,so I made the stencil again for these particular letters,and tried to position them where they were,need to be very precise! It is done!!!

When Tony saw these engraved words and say :” Excellent work”, I feel relaxed…., time to relax after this stressful job… Thanks,God,for all these widsdome you shown to me…

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