Funny Gravestone Epitaphs

The last words of someone who passed away, or simply the words placed on their memorial stone, don’t always have to be solemn and dull. A gravestone can be funny and creative, and rather than making someone think about their last days, it can brighten one’s day.

Therefore, in case you would like a funny, stone engraved epitaph, here are a few suggestions that just might fit, or that you can adapt.

Here lies Johnny Cole
Went to the mall
But fell into a manhole.

Here lies Marcus
Without any strife,
Died doing what he loved,
In other words, his wife.

Tis the place where lies Coleen Tuckett
Took too damn long, ’til she hit the bucket.

This is where Gloria rests in peace,
She’ll probably haunt you if you read this.

Here lies my beloved wife,
She rests in piece
And finally so can I.

In memory of Cooper,
Who loved to ski
Until the day
He hugged a tree.

Here sleeps Wilson Pegg
They wished him good luck
and he broke a leg.

This is the grave of Michael White,
He signaled left, but turned right.

In memory of Tony Brass
He missed the break
For the gas.

Wish You Were Here…

Epitaph for a lawyer:
“I rest my case!”

John died of a broken heart
… because he was to low on the donors’ list.


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