Photo Engraving On Stone


Black granite photo engraving

Options for placing the plaque in your garden :

(1)Small stand (Stand 1: 10cm wide and 8cm high):suitable for 20x15x1cm and pawprint shaped plaque.(not suitable for 2cm thick plaque)

(2)Large  stand (Stand 2: 38cm wide and 18cm high):suitable for  20x20x1cm,30x20x1cm, 30x20x2cm plaque.

(3)Stake (Galvanised: 3mm thick, 3cm wide,30cm high,approx 15cm above ground ) :we attach  aluminium Angle Bracket (135 Degree) onto the back of the plaque as well.Suitable for 20x15cm 20x20cm,30x20cm, 30x20cm ,heart shaped and pawprint shaped plaque, 1cm and 2cm thick ok .

The photos of stand and stake can be found under the image on the left.

Please refer to allocated letter limit based on sizing requirements

Font options are available under the image on the left

(max file size 64 MB)

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Photo engraving on stone
A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture made out of stone is worth a thousand more. Photo engraving on stone is the only true way to ensure a memory lasts a lifetime.

What photos can be engraved on stone
Having a photo engraved on stone is the ultimate way to immortalise a moment. It may be an image of a loved one or a family pet that has passed away but who’s memory you want remembered. It could be your favourite family portrait from that rare occasion the whole family was together. Or perhaps a snapshot of a monumental moment, such as a wedding, a high school ball or milestone birthday. The possibilities of what photo to have engraved on your stone are endless and will last a lifetime.

How it works
We’ll engrave the selected photo into your choice of one of our premium, polished, natural stones. You can custom design the layout to not only include the photo engraving on the stone but also text and artwork. Personalise your engraved stone with titles, dates and a message about the event or subject of the photo. All of our stone products are designed for outdoor use, meaning they can withstand any weather condition and elements.

What it can be used for
Our custom designed photo engraving makes for a sentimental gift or simply a different way to display photos around the home. It can be exhibited in the office or on your work desk or even used commercially at the workplace. Engraved stone works beautifully as a memorial plaque for home or outdoor use. With few alterations the stone can also be made to hang on the wall to truly admire the photo and luxurious canvas.

Contact us today to book an appointment to come down to our showroom to hand pick the stone yourself and get layout ideas from out custom design specialists. We’re always happy to discuss the different stone types and sizes and help you find the perfect frame for your photo.

Lead time

  • We will email your the proof and get your approval before engraving.
  • Usually, it will be posted within three weeks, we do not charge extra for rush jobs, we will try our best to meet your requirements.