St Anthony’s Wanneroo Primary School Brick


Options  for bricks :

1. Single brick  :$30   per brick, up to 3 lines ,(max 16 letters per line including space.)

 Ordering a “Single Brick”:

Choose an Optoin:   Select :Single Brick 230×114 Please complete the order form  below: Single Brick Line 1  to  3. (Please leave other lines blank if only one or two line)


2.Double Bricks with borders,  $60   per “Double Bricks”, up to 6 lines (Max 12 characters per line including Space)

Ordering  ” Double Bricks” :

Choose an Optoin:   Select :Double Brick 2pc of 230×114, then Please complete the order form below  :

Double brick Brick Line 1  to  6. (Please leave other lines blank if less than 6 lines)

Double bricks Line 1-3  will be on first brick , Double Brick Line 4-6  will be on second brick.

3. Hand Drawn Brick: $40  per brick

Ordering a “Hand Drawn Brick”:

Choose an Optoin:   Select :Hand-Drawn Brick, then Please complete the order form  below: Hand Drawn Brick

Please scan your hand-drawing image in PDF or JPG format and click  ‘Choose File’ to upload ,(please make sure that the background of your scanned image is white)

alternatively you can post your hand drawing paper to school .

Please find more details by clicking :

Hand drawing instructions for Fundrasing bricks

Please use CAPITAL LETTERS only (Very Important),and  double check the Spelling,Thank you!

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A detailed  Explanation ( PDF file) on order process is available by clicking How to order a brick

Thanks for supporting our school !



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